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Make The Most Of Your Criminal Appeal

When you need experienced and skilled criminal defense representation on the appellate level, you can count on The Herrmann Law Firm to defend your rights. Appeals and writs are powerful tools, but incredibly difficult to use without a detailed understanding of the law. Attorney Paul Herrmann not only will advocate aggressively on your behalf in court, but he has the experience to know what legal tools to use to preserve your freedom.

Understanding Appeals

An appeal is a request made by an individual that asks a higher court to review a decision made by a lower court. The person appealing the decision is referred to as an appellant and it’s their attorney’s job to provide a case for why the lower court made a poor decision. The person who is defending the lower court’s original decision is known as the appellee and their lawyer’s job is to provide a case for why the lower court ruled correctly.

Understanding Writs

A writ is a direction given to a lower court from a higher court. To file a writ, a defendant must seek out a higher court willing to review their case. Often, a person may consider a writ when they have no other options or are unable to file an appeal. A person can also submit new information along with a writ, which they wouldn’t be able to do if they submitted an appeal.

Speak With A Lawyer Today

Both appeals and writs can be used to ensure that the court hearing your case gives you the trial you deserve. When you need experienced and honest legal guidance, Paul Herrmann can help you. As a former felony prosecutor, he’s comfortable in the courtroom and knows how to create a strong defense that will stand up in trial and appellate courts.

You can reach his firm in Amarillo at 806-553-1912 or send a message online to schedule an appointment.