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Legal Guidance Regarding Early Termination Of Probation Issues

If, as part of your sentencing, you are placed on probation (deferred or straight), you may qualify to request early termination of your probation, depending on your crime. Once a defendant has completed one-third (1/3) or two years of their community supervision (whichever is less), the community service may be reduced or terminated by the judge. You must have met all conditions of the probation — completed any court-ordered classes/counseling; completed all community service hours; paid in full all court costs, fines and restitution; be current on probation fees; and not have had a probation violation filed against you. If you reside in the Texas Panhandle, call us and let our lawyer assist you in determining whether or not you qualify for consideration of early termination of your probation. To discover more and discuss your situation in full, contact The Herrmann Law Firm, in Amarillo, Texas, by calling 806-553-1912.