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Reducing Or Eliminating Consequences In Theft By Check Cases

If you have been charged with a Class B misdemeanor for theft by check, please be aware that if you go to court and plead guilty to a Class C misdemeanor, pay the court costs and fines and receive “time served,” it will result in a theft charge on your Texas criminal history.

WARNING: Even a simple Class C theft conviction has serious consequences on future employment, getting a loan, going to school and renting an apartment/house. Any criminal background check will reveal this theft conviction. You can be sure it will affect your ability to move forward in life.

Currently, as Texas law states, this charge cannot be removed from your criminal history once you have pled guilty to Class C misdemeanor. If you reside in the Texas Panhandle, call us and let our lawyers assist you in your theft by check for alternative solutions to the charge.

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